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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Volcano - Tamil Dubbed movie (1997)

Directed by : Mick Jackson

Starring : Tommy Lee Jones, Anne Heche, Don Cheadle, Gaby Hoffmann, John Carrol Lynch, Keith David

Music by : Alan Silvestri

Download Links :

Volcano - Tamil Dubbed Movie - Part 1

Volcano - Tamil Dubbed Movie - Part 2

Plot :

Mike Roark (Tommy Lee Jones) is a divorced Los Angeles emergency official. One day, violent bursts of seismic activity are felt.

When Mike arrives at the scene at MacArthur Park where underground workers are mysteriously burned (seven dead, one critical), he heads underground with Gator Harris (Michael Rispoli) while staying in contact with Emmit Reese (Don Cheadle) until it gets hot underground. After barely escaping, Mike has Emmit send for a geologist to investigate. Thus, geologists Amy Barnes (Anne Heche) and Rachel (Laurie Lathem) arrive to investigate and claim that a volcano is going to form. Mike also tries to get the Metro Subway chairman Stan Olber (John Carroll Lynch) not to run any subways under the Red Line Tunnel until further notice, but Stan declines. At the La Brea Tar Pits, the statues begin to slowly sink.

Soon, a massive earthquake strikes the city, causing a power outage and stranding a subway train in the Red Line Tunnel. Amy loses Rachel when she falls into a chasm filled with fire. Mike and his daughter Kelly (Gaby Hoffmann) go to the epicenter, at the La Brea Tar Pits to investigate and encounter steam geysers bursting from sewer openings.

Eventually, a stratovolcano begins to emerge in the largest tar pit. Kelly is injured with a second degree burn and a doctor named Jaye Calder (Jacqueline Kim) is recruited to help her. In the next sequence, oozing lava from the new volcano flows down Wilshire Boulevard, destroying the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, as well as Metro Subway stations, malls, museums, houses, and cars.

In the Red Line Tunnel, a subway train is consumed just as its passengers abandon the vehicle. Stan has led a team to rescue the stranded people, but is melted when he saves the driver of the subway.

To stop the flow of lava, the city, led by Mike, Amy, an L.A. Fire Chief (Bert Kramer) and Police Lt. Ed Fox (Keith David), stacks eighty-two concrete Jersey barriers to create a cul-de-sac. As the lava pools, the fire department attempts to cool it with water with assistance from helicopters dumping water on it. The operation is a success but when Amy probes the subway tunnels, it is revealed that a vast magma chamber has opened, unleashing a new, more dangerous torrent of lava.

Despite placing himself and his teenage daughter in danger, Mike plans to divert the new, underground river of lava into the existing concrete drainage channel of Ballona Creek where it would drain harmlessly into the Pacific Ocean. Before the plan can be implemented, Amy points out that San Vicente Boulevard does not slope in the direction the plan requires. It would instead direct the molten river toward the Cedars Sinai Hospital. Demolition teams are called in to gouge a channel through the street and adjacent Beverly Center.

Before this second plan can be implemented, the lava hits the end of the Red Line subway tunnel and erupts out of the intersection next to the hospital. In a last-ditch effort to stop the flow, the 22-story Beverly Heights condominium tower is hastily imploded, the wall of debris channeling the lava into the channel and out to sea. Mike and Kelly leave to "head home".